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Welcome in Call of Duty - MW at K4F

For all Players who enjoy the fun, pleasure and thrill or just simply to see which place they have in the row of vetran ancestors in Call of Duty - Modern Warfare.

Our Gaming-Server shall give you an opportunity in combination with the web page as well to become more interactive on that game.

We run a heavily customized version of Open Warfare.

Every Friday and Saturday evening you can measure yourself with the K4F clan members and watch your own progress ( Player Stats ).

News and Announcements

- Visit our Map Section -


We are happy to announce -New Features- within our Maps-Section.

Select a map to get a better picture of the landscape and how to rule them.

*please notice some maps were not played yet and therefore seems values missing



Messured values for a smater view. This page shall give you an impression for the level of difficulty.

-Best Players

This section gives you a ranked-overview about "the Best" and their map records.

Enjoy the Features and happy gaming,

your K4F-Team


- wishes a Happy New Year -


A next saison has begun. All Stats from 2017 were archived and can be found here.

We wish you a good saison with exciting thrills and fun, of course.

All the best in 2018 -guys and gals,

your K4F-Team